Steve Corell $1,000 Education Scholarship

The Steve Corell Education Scholarship was established in 2013 to recognize an outstanding member or relative of a member who has achieved positive academic records and plans to further his/her education with a two or four year college degree.


Scholarship Statement of  Requirements

Rules and Instructions

1. Applicant must be a son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter of a full-time employee (minimum employment of 2 years) of a NUCA of Iowa member or a son or daughter of a NUCA of Iowa staff member, or a part time employee of a NUCA of Iowa member with a minimum of 300 hours worked in the last year.
2. Applicant must be a high school graduate or will graduate the year applying, or college student.
3. Applicant must have greater than or equal to a 2.5 on a 4.0 scale grade point average.
4. Applicant must be pursuing undergraduate work towards a two or four year degree.

Application Deadline: Jan 10th, 2024

How Applications Are Judged

Selections will be based on the overall worthiness of the applicant by a panel of judges chosen from NUCA membership by the NUCA Scholarship Committee. The Committee will consider standardized test scores (SAT, ACT, etc.), community service and extra-curricular activities, career goals, work experience, essay, and other information required in the application. Applications and transcripts will not be returned, and scoring will not be divulged. Judging decisions are final. Judges will decide impartially and without respect to the identity of any applicant. Judges will award the greatest value scholarship to the highest scoring applicant and award the remainder in descending order of value and merit. Judges will also select a first and second alternate in the event that an announced winner is subsequently disqualified or declines award prior to issuance of the award checks in the late summer. Alternates will not be announced.

Confidentiality of Applications

Information on the applications will be retained in confidence and used for no purpose other than this competition. Applications will be destroyed by NUCA after they are no longer necessary records.

Applications and transcripts will not be returned.

Please note that we ask permission to use winning applicants essays in NUCA publications, presentations and/or exhibits. Please sign the release where requested. If you are a winner, we will also request your photograph for use in these publications.

Award Announcement

Applications will be judged and winners announced by Friday, February 2nd, 2024, and notified by phone or email shortly after. Scholarship award(s) will be presented at our annual banquet on February 16th, 2024 at the Marriot in downtown Des Moines!


If you have questions regarding the application and review process, please contact NUCA  (815) 878-1243.

Submission Instructions

For consideration as a recipient of the NUCA of Iowa Scholarship, the following information must be submitted:

  1. Completed application form. (find below)
  2. High School transcripts, including ACT or SAT scores, along with a written explanation of the high school  grading system and class ranking system to include weighted averages or track courses.
  3. Current college transcripts, if applicable. NOTE: High School transcripts must be submitted if you are still in high school or have not yet completed your first year of college.
  4. Resume listing all activities and achievements.
  5. Essay explaining (1) your goals; (2) where you plan to attend school; (3) why you chose to apply for this scholarship, and (4) any other information that you think might aid us in the selection process.
  6. Written verification of your parents employment with a NUCA member. Verification must be submitted by a company official.

All documents should be mailed together in one envelope to the following address

NUCA of Iowa Scholarship Committee
1421 Jacobson Drive
Story City, IA 50248

Incomplete applications and applications submitted after the due date will be subject to rejection.

Application and additional information must be received at the above address by 6:00 p.m. on Jan 10th, 2024


NUCA of Iowa Scholarship Application 2024

Past Recipients



  • Cody Hall Son of Sonny Hall, Absolute Group
  • Ty Thompson, Son of Eric Thompson, Corell Contractors
  • Jayda Eppert, Daughter of  Boone  Eppert, Iowa Pipe & Grading



  • Alexandra Meynard Daughter of Bud Meynard, Boomerang Construction
  • Nicole Hintz  Daughter of Scott Hintz, McAninch Corporation
  • Sadie Brockett, Daughter of Rodney Brockett, PCI



  • Nathan Van Meer  Son of Brian Van Meer, Vermeer Corporation
  • Sean Callaghan  Son of Ryan Callaghan, RP Contractors


  • Dain Stolba  Son of Jeremy Stolba, Dave Schmitt Construction Co.
  • Aaron McCrary  Son of Jim McCrary, CemenTech


  • Sydney Stolba ÔÇô Daughter of Jeremy Stolba, Dave Schmitt Construction Co.
  • Megan Hardy -Daughter of Mike Hardy, HD Supply


  • Regan Thompson  Daughter of Eric Thompson, Corell Contractors
  • Rachel Origer  Daughter of Ed Origer, McAninch Corp.


  • Carissa Origer  Daughter of Ed Origer, McAninch Corp
  • Sydney Cline  Daughter of Peter Cline, HD Supply


  • Jenna Koelker  J&K Contracting employee
  • Carissa Origer  Daughter of Ed Origer, McAninch Corp


  • Logan Losh  Son of Joseph Losh, J&K Contracting

NUCA of Iowa

Kim Frey
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Story City IA 50248

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 815-878-1243

I belong to NUCA of Iowa because of the people and the opportunities. I have been able to work alongside several industry experts while learning more about our industry. Our group also enjoys the social part of our Association as well  our gatherings are always a lot of fun!

Brent Klaiber


For me, it is a great way to connect with those in the underground industry and be involved. I have the opportunity to learn about specific issues they have to deal with.

Jay Friermuth

Holmes Murphy

A chance to network and learn with our customers away from the job site.

Rich Boat


NUCAÔÇÖs efforts in our industry to support various programs that help influence certain issues that impact our contractors partners in the construction industry is the reason we belong to and support this great association.

Nick Sinn

Logan Contractors Supply