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The National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA) of Iowa has represented the interests of the underground contracting community for four decade. We have more than 70 members comprised of utility and general contractors and suppliers in the public utility arena such as communications, gas, sewer and fiber optic work both trench and trenchless technologies.

The purpose of NUCA of Iowa is to support direct industry legislation and regulation, create formal and informal coalitions to influence issues impacting the industry and promote safety awareness and training. NUCA of Iowa also offers some great networking opportunities through our annual banquet, spring outing and golf outing.

NUCA Iowa was first incorporated in 1980, since then we have remained focused on providing contractor oriented opportunities. Contractors that preform excavation and utility construction have needs that differ from contractors that build up.

NUCA (National)

Representing nearly 2,000 contractors, suppliers and manufacturers, the National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA) is the only organization focusing solely on the water, sewer, gas and underground utility construction industry. NUCA was founded in 1964 by individuals seeking to unify the utility contractors in order to effectively tackle problems and improve general conditions within the industry. Today, with its strong membership and the affiliation of 40 state and local chapters, NUCA maintains a wide range of benefits, educational opportunities, and services designed specifically for YOU!

NUCA of Iowa

Kim Frey
1421 Jacobson Drive
Story City IA 50248

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Tel: 815-878-1243

I belong to NUCA of Iowa because of the people and the opportunities. I have been able to work alongside several industry experts while learning more about our industry. Our group also enjoys the social part of our Association as well our gatherings are always a lot of fun!

Brent Klaiber


For me, it is a great way to connect with those in the underground industry and be involved. I have the opportunity to learn about specific issues they have to deal with.

Jay Friermuth

Holmes Murphy

A chance to network and learn with our customers away from the job site.

Rich Boat


NUCA’s efforts in our industry to support various programs that help influence certain issues that impact our contractors partners in the construction industry is the reason we belong to and support this great association.

Nick Sinn

Logan Contractors Supply