Memberships Benefits

Corporate Discounts & Savings that are offered as part of your NUCA membership can save your company an excavator full of money. There are a wide range of corporate discounts on everything from uniforms and office supplies to fuel programs or computer equipment.

Seminars and Training are an integral part of your NUCA membership. There is a wide range of training and seminars to benefit all employees of NUCA members while saving your company money. Whether your employees need their OSHA 10 hour or your safety director needs topics for a toolbox talk, it is all here.


Loss, Risk & Insurance Management is a costly but necessary part of our business, if your company is trying to reduce healthcare costs or manage its operational risks, your NUCA membership has your company covered.

Publications available as part of your NUCA membership keeps your employees informed. Whether it is the details on NUCA happenings, contact details for other NUCA members or the latest safety news, your employees need to be informed.


Networking and Learning Events are an integral benefit of your NUCA membership. These events can generate new business, save your company money, introduce your employees to key contacts at other NUCA members or provide the opportunity for your employees to share in a good time.

Promoting Your Business is a key aspect of growth. Your NUCA membership gives you ample opportunity. No matter what type of company you are, we can help you get your word out. Whether you are looking local or national.

Advocacy is a benefit that NUCA members enjoy every day without knowing. All of the infrastructure projects and changes in regulations are the result of NUCA’s advocacy efforts.

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